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he sign “Al Castello”, between the stones of the boundary wall, leads to a spacious courtyard, embellished by a small but lovely garden. Inside the restaurant, you can immediately taste the feeling of being in a well-known, familiar place, where you can breathe an atmosphere of cordial hospitality. The chef Angelo with his wife Amneris and his brother Stefano have been working to best present three small rooms very well-tended and embellished by a picturesque corner that present in the middle the classic “fogolâr“, Friulian typical open hearth, where to gather for a chat and to relax.


An original wooden staircase leads to the upper floor, where a characteristic room is discovered furnished in an authentic style of a Friulian “Osteria”. Wherever glimpses the aim of valuing discreetly the available spaces: the ceilings with ancient on-sight beams and the furniture, characterized by a set of antique Friulian furniture and folk art, reveal a desire to offer an exquisite hospitality in a charming but meantime familiar atmosphere.


The guest who leaves the restaurant “Al Castello” can eventually admire the outdoor courtyard, which turns into a lovely area with the arrival of spring, where you can taste the proposals of the menu and enjoy a relaxed and charming atmosphere with the magic lights of the sunset.